Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a set of duties and obligations that the company must perform in order to maintain, care for and help the society in which it operates.
Corporate social responsibility goes beyond economic boundaries and includes responsibility towards society, people and the environment. In fact, the social responsibility of the company is the work that is effective in adding to the social benefit and goes beyond the resources of the organization and the stakeholders. In the last decades of the 20th century, with the expansion of the influence of organizations on the axes of sustainable development, there was a greater expectation for them to act responsibly. This issue has led to the emergence of a concept in the field of management. In fact, organizations are responsible for the society in which they are, due to the use of CSR in the name of social responsibility of organizations or its human, natural and economic resources.
Espandar Building Solution Company considers itself responsible for the effects of its actions in the field of the culture of its society and adheres to the principles and values in the scope of its duties. In this regard, it always considers social responsibilities under a better approach in business and has placed its macro policies in this framework. We consider ourselves responsible for the basic principles of accountability, ethical behavior, respect for customers, compliance with rights and laws, and transparency in work.